Ideallite Features

Here are some features you can benefit from with Ideallite

Easy interface

Taking into consideration the deepest details, Ideallite’s interface has been designed to serve its ultimate purpose, which is being the tool, Managers have been looking for, to keep track of their businesses, projects and staff.

Responsive structure

Wherever you are in the world, all you need is a device and an internet connection to manage your projects. With a full functionality, Ideallite supports all types of devices with its high responsiveness and elegant interface not getting affected.

Notifications system

Ideallite will help you keep track of every update and change through its built-in notifications and reminders system. you will be notified through the app or via email whenever a change occurs to a project or its tasks which you are responsible of.

Ticket system

Get the benefits of Ideallite’s ticket system, that will allow your clients and partners to send you tickets of their requests, attached with media files. you can then re-assign the ticket to one of your staff or take care of it yourself. you can comment on the ticket in its chatroom and once done, you can close and submit it.

Multiple chat rooms

Ideallite is the first ERP (Enterprise resource planning) that has three different types of media sharing supportive chat rooms: 1- project chat rooms 2- tasks chat rooms 3- private chat rooms

Multiple language support

Ideallite currently supports three different language which are: 1- English, for it being the language of business and technology 2- Arabic, for it being the language of our biggest market 3- Turkish, for it being the language of the country where Ideall Technology is located

a look from inside

here are various screen shots of different pages

  • Projects summary
  • Projects page
  • Tasks page
  • Files page
  • Chat rooms
  • Adjustable interface

What is new?

Ideallite is not any ordinary ERP, it has come with new Ideas and solutions to all different kinds of businesses.

Manage the worst type of Employees

With the live and daily report modules, you can get to know what every employee is doing at any time of the day, this way you can keep track of every task any employee is working on, and how long each task is tasking them.

Make your partner a part of the management

Now with Ideallite, your client/partner can be a part of their project! all you need to do is to open an account for them and add them to your project, this way you can have a better communication with them, allow them to track the progress with their project, involve them in making decisions and last but not least, record and document every step in order to avoid any potential misunderstanding.





Can anyone join Ideallite?

definitely! all you need is to press on Launch Ideallite and follow the usual procedure to open a space for your company or team


How many team members can I add with me?

There is no limit for that! you can add as many team members as you want  


for whom was Ideallite developped?

Ideallite has beed developped for businesses wanting to take their work to the next level, startups dreaming to enter big markets and team leaders determining to get the best of their staff


is there a language switch option in Ideallite??

Ideallite currently supports two languages: English and arabic, there will be many other languages to add later


I am new to Ideallite, will I find difficulties while using it??

With the help system developped in Ideallite, you will be guided throughout all the steps of all the functions


what makes Ideallite so special??

having tried many task management tool, we noticed the abundance of features but the lack of efficiency, Ideallite has been designed to deliver, do what is needed in the simplest and most efficient way possible

Have any Questions ?

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